Twitter app boosted for Androids

Social networking site Twitter has evolved its app for Android mobile phones in a bid to save time.

The update, released today (April 4th), hopes to make tweeting easier and quicker with a re-design. Twitter evolved its app to make the timelines wider and taller which makes the most of the screen. Android users can now also swipe across their phone to switch between tabs.

iPhone customers will also have a few perks but not as many as their Android counterparts. Apple patriots will see a few minor design changes like expandable content on the social networking site.

Twitter users will now be be able to go directly to the mobile app from Flickr photo or Foursquare, rather than being redirected to the main website where they will have to log in again.

The updates for Android and iPhone will be coming out over the next few days, but Android owners who have app version 3.8 or lower can go straight to Google Play and update immediately. iPhone owners can also see the new update in the Apple Store right now.

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