Sony planning to build Google Glass rival?

A new Sony patent filing has revealed the Japanese company is making steady progress towards its own smartglasses
If you thought Google was the only company that wants to put a smartphone on your face, you'd be wrong. Just like the forthcoming smartwatch invasion, Google Glass has sparked its own competition.
A new patent filing from Sony has shown the progress the Japanese company is making on its own wearable headgear. Although, as you can see from the image above, it isn't quite as svelte as the proposed headset from Mountain View.

Sony's approach is to use both lenses on a conventional glasses frame for a dual display. Although according to the patent documents, the company isn't taking advantage of the stereoscopic form factor - it'll be a 2D display here, folks.
Unfortunately, there's no hard figures on what kind of a display these specs will use - or preciesly what kind of tech will be packed into them.
But, to compete with Google you can be fairly confident that wireless technology like GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will be the order of the day. Probably with voice control, stereo sound and a camera to boot.
This isn't Sony's first attempt at a head-mounted display (HMD), the company has the Sony HMZ-T2 available to purchase right now for the bargain basement price of £999.
While this might be one of the first rivals to appear to Google's Glass project, we don't reckon it's the last. Whatever your thoughts on wearable tech, from the looks of things there's plenty more to come.

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