iPhone 6: Release date, rumours, features and news

Here you'll find all the latest news on the iPhone 6 release date, the rumours, upcoming features and of course specs on the eagerly anticipated iPhone update.
The Apple iPhone 6 is probably the most hotly anticipated upcoming gadget on the planet – and if it isn’t probably one of its larger screened siblings theiPad 5 or iPad Mini 2 is.
The tech world is always looking for the next big thing, and so is particularly well primed for the flurry of rumour and speculation that precedes big product launches.
And Apple’s policy of zero information prior to actually launching the product, rather than starving the rumour camp fire of oxygen, the mystery seems to act as petroleum. 
As such, tips, speculation and murmurings as to what the iPhone 6 will be started to appear almost as soon as the iPhone 5 was launched. Some industry punts are so specific as to raise serious eyebrows – once predicts not only that a cheaper iPhone will be launched, but that we’ll see it in May, and that by the end of the year it will sell 53 million units.
While the analyst in question will certainly be on for a big win at the bookies if that particular bet comes in, we bring you a round up of some of the other seemingly logical rumours.

Apple iPhone budget device

Alongside a full fat iPhone 6, there are rumblings that Apple will launch a budget iPhone - possibly called the iPhone 5s - which will revert back to the plastic chassis found on the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS.
While this would go against the somewhat ‘premium’ pricing model of Apple products, a DigiTimes reports that sources within the upstream supply chain have confirmed that Apple is in the process of sourcing the plastic parts needed for a budget iPhone including a chassis.
In a recent earnings call CEO Tim Cook made the fair point that taking any particular bit of data relating to a supply chain of a big firm like Apple won’t necessarily tell you much about the bigger picture.  However he then also blurted out, when asked about the possibility of cheaper iPhones – “We’ve had a great track record on iPod of offering different products at different price points.” – which many have taken to mean confirmation they’re working on one.

Apple iPhone 6 screen

Many saw the increased 4-inch screen size on the iPhone 5 as a move on Apple’s part to keep up with the screen sizes of the larger Android powered phones. However now 5-inches is more like the premium screen size right now – so you might see Apple making a move in that direction

Some reports suggest that Apple may launch phones with different sized screens, which would come in a range of colours – which would be another departure from what we’ve seen before. The prediction comes courtesy of analyst Brian White at Topeka Capital.
If Apple were to release two sized phones – which are being called the iPhone 5Sand iPhone 6 – Apple may shift to a larger screen size for the latter.
Another analyst told MacRumours that Apple could be looking to implement a 4.8-inch Retina+ IGZO screen made by Sharp, which will make the iPhone display thinner, brighter and much clearer – boasting better than HD resolutions.
According to those inside the manufacturing industry Sharp is working on making its super HD display iPhone-ready – however because the technology is so new it might not even appear on the next generation of tech.

Apple iPhone 6 features

They’ll certainly hardware upgrades to Apple’s next phone, though it’s worth pointing out Apple isn’t usually at the top of the pile when it comes to lining up components alone.
A polycarbonaite body is one of the more frequent mutterings heard flapping through the wind of internet rumours.
Elsewhere, a new top of the range iPhone model would presumably need some sort of decent camera upgrade – as this is an area that’s been particularly busy in smartphones since the last iphone wa launched. The HTC One and Nokia 920 in particular boast interesting new camera features, other than simply megapixel escalation.
A new feature that could well appear on the 6th generation iPhone is the use of sonar as a replacement to the current infared sensors which use sound as a proximity sensor – according to this report in Apple Insider – letting the phone detect where it is, either as a way of alerting the user about an incoming object, or as a way of detecting whether the phone is being held to the users ear.

Apple iPhone 6 release date

One of many analysts claiming to be in the know claims it won’t be ready until 2014. Jefferies analyst Peter Mise said “Apple's iPhone uses a technology called 'in-cell,' which essentially meshes the touch screen with the glass screen into one thin display. Its partners can't get good enough yields making those displays bigger to launch the iPhone 6 this year," the report said. "He thinks the next iPhone will run on a 20 nm processor, allowing it to add more cores, possibly four or eight. To take advantage of the new processing speed, iOS will have to be upgraded. The new iOS architecture might not be ready until 2014."
Whilst others point to a 2013 release. While there’s always a certain internal logic to these things, realistically there’s no way to be sure until Apple send out an invite.

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