Chinese hackers have tripled the number of attacks on the Russian military-industrial complex objects

Kibervzlomschiki People's Republic of China have increased the number of attacks on Russian strategic facilities.

The threat, in an interview with Bloomberg praised the officer "Kaspersky Lab" Alexander Gostev. According to him, when 72 cases were reported for the entire 2015, when they were attacked including enterprises of the defense, nuclear and aviation industries of the Russian Federation, for the first seven months of 2016 - already 194.
At the same time cybercriminals have used more than 50 kinds of Trojans. Total "Laboratory" counted 35 attacks on Russian organizations, including seven plants of the defense-industrial complex for the production of missiles, radar and navigational equipment, the five ministries, four airlines and two in the field of nuclear energy structures.

The number of attacks can be higher in reality. According to the expert, in the defense industry is "almost all" of the enterprise.

As previously wrote the SC Magazine, it has been recorded attacks from China against the company "Uralvagonzavod" and "Helicopters of Russia". Also, the publication wrote about the work of the Ministry of Defense and the FSB anti-virus NetTraveler, allegedly established in the PRC.

Active Chinese hackers has increased after in September, Beijing and Washington signed an agreement to waive economic cyber espionage. A similar agreement is valid between Beijing and Moscow, but, according to Gostev, it does not hold in practice.

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