Apple testing plastic, bendable screens for the iWatch

Apple is developing three different screens “that can be bent”, according to reports.
According to a source speaking to Korean news organisation Chosun Ilbo, the Apple is looking at a number of different screen sizes as options for its rumoured iWatch.
The source claimed that Apple is testing 1.3-inch, 1.4-inch and a 1.5-inch plastic OLED screens. Because of the material being used, the screens will be able to bend.
“A prototype of the 1.5-inch has already been made,” the source is quoted as saying. However, no more details were given.
Previous reports have suggested that the iWatch will be a “wristwatch-like device made of curved glass”.
In February, the NYT noted Corning has developed bendable glass last year called Willow Glass which could be used to wrap around something wrist.
It also cited Forrester’s claim that “Apple’s certainly made a lot of hiring in that area”.

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