Aircel’s unified data tariff plans bring 3G rates on par with that of 2G

Aircel has some good news for its customers who use internet on their respective phones. The service provider has announced unified data plans, which means that they can make the most of the 2G and 3G data networks for the same charges. It claims to be the first operator in India to bring this type of data schemes to the country.

Basically there are a set of data packs and those who have 2G connection can continue to make the most of them on this network, while owners of 3G-enabled devices can switch to the faster network speed or choose to browse the web on 2G, depending on their preferences. The plans start at as low as Rs 27.

For the aforementioned plan on Rs 29, Aircel customers get an unlimited amount of 2G or 3G data for a period of 7 days. Those who require a month’s validity can opt for the Rs 128 data pack. It offers 1GB of 2G or 3G data for 30 days and is best suited for people who download music, games and applications frequently and stream music or videos on their phones.

Moreover, the network operator which offers free data on roaming has said that the plans are aimed at people who have just started using the internet or want to start and the youth of the country. It comes across as a significant step taken in the right direction as the increase in the number of smartphone owners in the country is also resulting in the increase in internet penetration. We had recently reported that India will have as many as 91 million social media subscribers before the end of this year so more people are expected to opt for mobile internet too.

The Aircel unified data tariff plans have already gone live.

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