According to, Microsoft's Windows Store now has more than 50,000 apps available showing a much higher growth rate than Apple'sApp store with a currently listing of only 140,000 apps, according to

TechCrunch reports it is unfair to compare the two as the Windows 8 also serves Windows 8 RT for tablets, there are 376,144 iPad apps.
Although the figures are high, the unofficial report by Metro Store Scanner shwed that uploads have slowed each month since the Windows 8 November launch form just over 400 in December to 150 in February.
The number of apps in the marketplace does not indicate as a whole how successful the Windows Store is. A major factor lies in the quality of each individual app being submitted for the platform.
Earlier this month, Developer Evangelist for Microsoft, Jennifer Marsman introduced an incentive called 'Keep the Cash' offering developers the chance to submit up to 10 apps per Store and receive $100 for each qualified app. This offer expires after the first 10,000 qualified applications are published to the store.
The offers runs until June 30 but is exclusive to those living in the US.
Reports in November last year showed that sales of Windows 8 were 'slow going' upon release.