Samsung unveils curved OLED TV screen

Samsung have used this years CES to show of what it hopes will be the screens of the future. Curved OLED displays. While still in early development, Samsung hopes to employ these on both TV’s and smartphones sometime in the future.
While there were plenty of TV’s shown off at CES this year, 4K being the most popular, Samsung had something a bit different up its sleeves in the form of a curved OLED display.

Said to be perfect for panoramas and nature scenes, the product Samsung was showing was still an early prototype. Don’t get your hopes up of having this in your living room any time soon.

No specs for the display were given, though it was a 55-inch screen model on display.

The Korean tech giants did not just show of its use of curved OLED screens in TV, but is also hopeful of bringing it to smartphones as well.

Again purely a prototype, the phone has a screen which falls down the edges, allowing for bits of information, such as emails and messages, to be displayed. We’re not quite sure how this will be helpful, but it’s still very cool nonetheless.

As with the TV, the phone is still at the beginning of development, but who knows; one day down the line we could see this in Samsungs Galaxy range of phones. For the time being, if you’re itching to know what Samsung has in store for the Galaxy IV,

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