Samsung Galaxy S4 Perform Twice As Fast As iPhone 5

INDIA: Soon after the highly anticipated unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S4 last week, the mobile world is on the process of figuring out which Smartphone works best. According to the BI reports, the benchmark tests reveal that Samsung’s new flagship S4 phone will have the fastest processor available.

During the Galaxy S4 launch event, Android Authority was able to perform a benchmark test on the new flagship Smartphone. A benchmark is a series of standard tests that determines how fast the mobile processor works and the test assigns a numerical value to the device based on how it works.

As a follow up, Primate Labs, the makers of the Geekbench app performed a test on Galaxy S4 performance and it shows that the S4 is over twice as fast as its predecessor. Besides, it beats the HTC One, especially in terms of the same chipset used though at a lower clockspeed.

In terms of competition from others, the Apple iPhone 5 scores the same as BlackBerry Z10, both with about half the count of the Galaxy S4.

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