Man arrested for getting his dog drunk

Helena - Todd Harold Schrier, 49, was arrested at 11:30 PM on March 1, 2012 after police responded to a call reporting an intoxicated dog at Smith's Bar. He is currently facing animal cruelty charges in Montana.
The Pomeranian had a blood alcohol limit that was four times the legal limit of a human. The dog was immediately taken to veterinarian Dr. Michelle Richardson at the Alpine Animal Clinic for blood work and treatment. The blood alcohol level was reported at .348 percent.
Dr. Richardson 
Bail was set for Schrier at $30,000 at the city-county jail.

stated that she has never seen a dog with alcohol poisoning during her twenty years in practice. "I hope it's rare," she reported. The Pomeranian, named Arly II, remained at the hospital for a few days following the incident. The dog is now at the Lewis and Clark Humane Society during the process of investigation.
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