Opera Mini Now Available for Blackberry Smartphones !

Opera have now made their Opera Mini browser available to download for Blackberry smartphones.

The Opera Mini browser has been hugely successful on every platform it's launched on. Opera Mini is available on Apple iOS, Google Android , Windows Phone and Symbian.  Worldwide downloads have now hit 160 million and its success is entirely justified.

One of the main advantages of using Opera Mini is that it vastly reduces the amount of data used when browsing. That's because before any web-page is displayed on your mobile it first gets compressed on Opera's servers. 

This ultimately means that when using Opera Mini your data use can be up to 10 times lower when browsing !

Opera Mini has all the browsing features you could expect and more. Zooming is amazingly smooth on the browser, while it also features page up and page down hot keys making navigating pages even easier.

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