Nokia launches voice-guided directions for iOS, Android devices

Nokia has updated its mobile maps website with voice-guided, turn-by-turn walk navigation for use on iOS and Android devices.

Nokia told iOS and Android users, “[t]here’s no need to be stuck with other mapping services anymore. You can also access Nokia Maps’ extensive Places

 directory and high quality directions on and, from today, you’ll get voice-guided walk navigation too.”
The Nokia HTML5 Web App may come as a welcome and viable mapping alternative for iOS and Android users whose phones come preloaded with the Google Maps application. 

Unfortunately Nokia’s voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions are currently only available when you select “walking” and not yet available for “driving” navigation. Hopefully Nokia will introduce voice guided driving directions for mobile browser users in the near future.

To access Nokia’s mobile mapping site on an iOS or Android (version 2.3 or later) device, visit in your mobile browser.

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