Five free apps for Android that can keep your device safe

With the explosion of Google’s open source Android platform on mobile devices, it has also become a strong target for the harbingers of malware. The situation is not as bad as Windows, but one can easily imagine the situation becoming equally bad, if not worst. Already, Google Play has become a cesspool for malware. Google is well aware of this situation and has launched its ‘bouncer’ algorithm, which fishes out malware from the ‘Play Shop’ however some of the more fiendish types of malware often miss the eyes of Google bouncer. With Android being open source, chances of it being fool proof are far-fetched, for this we advise users to adopt security apps for their devices. Sure, most of these apps are paid but we have a list of five applications that secure your Android and don’t cost a dime. Read on for more.

  • Norton Mobile Security Lite: Symantec’s Norton brand is iconic in the security software industry. For many, it is the personification of an anti-virus. Over the years, the Norton brand might have taken a beating because of various system slowdown problems, though their latest bet on the top dog in mobile – Android is by far the best security suite in the market.  It offers solid anti-fheft functionality and anti-malware functionality and these features come for free. If you are stickler for more functionality then the paid version of the app adds brilliant Call and SMS blocking alongside passable web protection.
  • Avast Mobile security: Often when one works in a Windows environment, the Avast brand is amongst the top free antivirus apps available. So it happens, Avast is now available for Android for free and it coughs up some advanced anti-theft functionality, alongside the standard anti-malware definition set. For the, Anti-Theft side of things, Avast also offers an advanced root option for rooted Android smartphones alongside disguising the anti-virus with a unique name in the process eliminating chances of malware decoupling the anti-malware app from the background processes.
  • AVG Anti-Virus: The best way describe AVG anti-virus is as the de facto free antivirus for the masses. Well it’s here on Android. While its feature set on the free edition pales in comparison to its competitors, its definition set is amongst the best. I guess that’s what the average user is looking for.
  • Lookout Security and Antivirus: Lookout Security and Antivirus may not be among the first names one thinks of while looking for security applications but it definitely packs a solid punch on Android. It keeps a GPS lock on your device and provides functionality similar to ‘Find you phone’ on iOS. It also does the regular scanning chores that one expects of anti-Virus suites and does these things ably. Perhaps, the only problem is that it is a resource hog while scanning and in the background hence it’s highly inadvisable for single core devices.
  • Webroot Security and Antivirus: Famed anti-spyware developer Webroot’s Security and Antivirus is no slouch as free security solution for Android. It offers scheduled scans, various shields against malware such as Install shield, File system shield, Execution shield and also a GPS lock on the device enabling the user to track the device via the cloud. Where Webroot’s Android offering falters is in its average definition set and painfully slow scan times, but show note we get these features for free.
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