Apple iOS 5.1 - What Improvements Does It Bring ?

As as well unveiling the new iPad  Apple also showcased Apple iOS 5.1 yesterday in San Francisco .

Apple iOS 5.1 is the new version of Apple's mobile operating system and is already available to download now for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

So what new features and improvements does the new version of Apple's OS bring ?

Well to be honest the biggest improvement is one that isn't too relevant to us in the UK unless you speak Japanese. Apple have included Japanese language support in Siri. However, for those intelligent and patient enough to have learnt Japanese it could be a key inclusion !

The rest of the improvements are minor tweaks and additions to existing features.

One such improvement is the possibility to include a shortcut to your camera on your devices lock-screen. This is neat addition because we're sure you've all experienced the panic that sets in trying to get your camera open in time to capture a spontaneous moment.

Apple have also included improved Face Recognition, which can now identify all of the faces in a given photograph. Additionally, the camera application itself has also been redesigned making it easier to use.

A couple of other multi-media tweaks have been included which are optimized audio for TV and film playback on the iPad, as well as playback options for Podcasts. The ability to delete photos from "Photo Stream" is also included in the latest update.

Apple has also fixed a number of battery issues , as well as fixing a bug which affected the volume of outgoing calls.

Users should be able to download Apple iOS 5.1 on their Apple device right now by connecting their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to iTunes.

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