Why Do Children Cry In Their Sleep?

Crying in babies of all age is a common affair. However, since they cannot communicate with you verbally, just yet, crying should be considered as a means of communication. Therefore, every time your kids are crying, you should be able to interpret the reason. One of the most baffling experiences would be when children cry in sleep. But, there is little cause of any alarm. All you need to know is read up on the sleeping patterns of children, as they grow and try to identify the causes. These would be more or less the same in all kids. The understanding process has to do with keeping pace with the growing needs of children as they pass through various phases of life. If it is your first time, you could probably consider seeking some advice.

Why Do Children Cry in Their Sleep?

  • When a baby comes into this world, everything including his personal experiences is new to him. Sleep is perceived as an uncertain one amongst all his other experiences. Therefore, he might experience several discomforts during the initial months, before and during sleep. The most common reason for this is physical discomfort. Sometimes, babies may find the temperature around them too hot or excessively cold, which might trigger whining spells. They might also find the sleeping arrangement uncomfortable in certain cases.
  • Very young kids are not designed to sleep for long hours. Most often, their deep slumber would be disrupted by hunger pangs. Prompt feeding in such cases will solve the problem. However, they might not go back to sleep immediately.

  • Crying in sleep could also be due to an urge to empty the bladder. The bladder emptying process and cycle is immensely unpredictable in small babies. Although you might consider diapers as a safe option for nocturnal rest, they might get soiled way before you expect them to. Wet diapers lead to irritation and might cause the baby to cry in his sleep.

  • Children are often known to be suffering from several insecurities as they grow up. As they become more and more aware of their surroundings, such hidden impulses can also provoke them to cry in their sleep. All you need to do is place a hand lightly over him, assuring him of your presence around. This should be comforting enough for putting him back to sleep again.

  • Children cry in their sleep also because they are known to experience certain non specific dreams. Although a lot isn’t known about them, kids crying in their sleep for unexplained causes aren’t rare. 

Most of these issues are temporary and should attain manageable proportions with time. In case they don’t, you would have to seek professional assistance.

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