Tips for Clearer Skin in Winters

Dry and dull skin is a common problem faced by people in winter. The cold and windy weather and the exposure to drastic temperature changes tend to leave skin drier than usual. This article brings to you some useful tips for clearer skin in winter.

Beauty Nap

Get at least eight hours per night to sleep. Your skin, hair and nails show signs of sleep deprivation by becoming dull and dry, and your nails can become brittle. Hence, retire early, and remember to increase the ability to fall asleep by relaxing your mind at least an hour before you retire; this includes skipping evening caffeine and turning off electronics an hour before bedtime.

Replace your Old Cosmetics

Do not hang on with your cosmetics until the metal bottom surfaces, especially if you don't use them often. Replace old cosmetics from time-to-time to keep your skin healthy.


Our skin constantly renews itself, but in winter, the dead cells cling to the surface of the skin.  As a result, the skin looks dull, flaky and lifeless.
  • In winter, one needs to use a cleanser with alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic and salicylic acid; this will boost the growth of new skin cells, thus, making your skin look bright.
  • Always use exfoliant with gentle micro beads. You can use a cleanser three to four times a week.
  • Another method to exfoliate skin is to use a manual facial scrub. You can use a facial scrub twice a week, but make sure that you are gentle with your skin.

  • Keep your Skin Hydrated

    The simplest way to get clearer skin in winter is to keep it hydrated. To have a clearer and pumped-up appearance in winter, you must drink at least eight average sized glasses of water i.e. 64 ounce a day.

    To add extra moisture to your skin, apply water based hydrating face cream. Apply a moisturiser after taking bath or shower when the skin is slightly damp. Water-based hydrating face creams quench parched skin and make the skin's texture healthier. People with extra dry skin can use a rich layer of body and face balm over the base moisturiser.


    Cold and short winter days can make you feel sluggish and busy. Don’t make winter an excuse to be lazy. Make sure that you hit the gym at least three times a week; this will help you maintain the hard earned fit body and make your skin healthy. When you exercise, your body starts to sweat and your skin will thereby, look the way you want it to i.e. clear and healthy.

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