Are we in Love ?? Or in Business??

Many of us once in life feels the pain of love. I think and I am sure that every one will experience the pain in being in love.
First of all whats love?  Whats the magic behind it.
Texting,chatting and having enormous pleasure with your partner is what we are experiencing as love now a days. IS THIS THE MEANING OF LOVE.
No not at all .It means having a great belief in your partner.What ever it might be in this world but your mind says that your partner is the right person in this world.
But how many of us really have such a great belief in our partners.Just think briefly in  and about your relation is it really means to the true Love.???
I say sure it was not that we are thinking.
No one now a days really have belief in their partner.Every one has a doubt and for everything we get tensed whether our partner is true to us are not.
The Relation without a belief is Not at all a Relation any more. Its just a business.
Sorry friends I am not saying that all the lovers are like this But most of are Like this.Yeah its true.
After seeing and experiencing many relations in the society I Came to a conclusion that the love now a days became a key way for the people  for  free sex.
Please my humble request is not to spoil the value of love and I also advice the individuals beware this kind of evil practices this may spoil the entire our indian culture.Lets be as Indians and Respect our culture lets be away from all these dirty nonsense.

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